some secrets you may want to know about me

Who am I and where am I located?

I am a pale blue gas with a distinctively pungent smell, which means I am pretty but I have a bad temper. I am actually located in the stratosphere in a region that is 10 to 50 km above the Earth. People cannot always see me in real life, but many people have heard of my name. Although I am famous, not everyone knows that I have an evil side and an angle side. I can act both as a direct greenhouse gas and as an indirect controller of greenhouse gas lifetimes.

Devil side of me

As a direct greenhouse gas, I am thought to have caused around one third of all the direct greenhouse gas induced warming seen since the industrial revolution. I am largely resulted from photochemical reactions involving man-made emissions from industry and automobiles ("smog" or "photo-smog"). I am "evil" because I produce respiration problems in people and damages plants.

Angle side of me

I am an angle, because I intercept much of the UV radiation from the Sun which is close to the violet (called UV(B)) and which would otherwise reach the surface of Earth and bother people, animals and plants. This process might seem simple but I help to screen out 99.5 percent of the ultraviolet radiation that the Sun sends towards earth. People overexposed to the UV rays could cause their skin damaged by the UV energy that penetrates their skin.

For Conclusion ...

If I am found in the troposphere, where I can damage living tissue and human-produced objects. I am a devil, who threaten people's health. If I am found in the stratosphere, I am an angle who protect all of the organisms on the earth. I block the sun's ultraviolet (UV) waves and prevent them from reaching the earth's surface.I am generated both from certain types of pollution and natural sources, so some people called me: Good Up High, Bad Nearby.


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