Writing Journal 1\04\14

Dear Mr. Jairo,

I really like this chapter. I tell you that later maybe in the next chap you’ll figure out the importance of the ‘Steele’ family. Well either way like I already said, I love this chap. It made me even cry so hope you like it.

Chapter 6

Gasps echoed around the room. I didn't feel honored to have this fam9ily like everyone described. I didn't like the attention at all. Of course I often liked attention but not this time. I looked around the room and locked gazes with mom. The emotions in me were making a party. I was shocked, confused, sad, mad and a lot of other things. I was on the verge of tearing up and screaming. I looked at the exit door. I really needed to get out of there. You may be asking why. Well, I’m not like other girls who just let their feeling off the board. I contain them. But in moments like this if I stay too long I’ll end up exploding.

Paul tried to put his hand on me but I dashed towards the door. As I got there I pulled the door harshly.

Finally I got to my room. I locked the door and buried myself in under the covers.

The sun was shining right in front of me. I got up and realized I wasn't in my bed. I was in the woods. There were brown, orange and red leaves in the ground, and some danced with the wind. The breeze was soft and the birds singed happily.

I stood up and started taking tiny steps. Suddenly the birds started singing and soft and sweet tune.

“I know that tune,” I whispered.

I took silent steps in the direction of the music.

“Close your eyes, it’s all right. You have a guardian angel. It’s gonna be all right as long as you stay with me. Close your eyes you have a guardian angel,” a women singed.

I stepped into the clearing and saw a women with big forest green eyes and brownish blonde hair. She turned towards me and started singing again.

“Your guardian is your friend. It’ll always be there for you, in the bad and the good. My friend you have a guardian angel. It’s big white wing will make you fly up high. He’ll take you to heaven where everything’s all right.”

My eyes started watering as I looked at the women.

“Vanessa,” I whispered.

She nodded and opened her arms to me. I ran to her arms and collapsed against her. She whispered sweet words to me as I let go every feeling I have been containing.

“I love you little sister,” she whispered

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