Hannah Magraw
                                           Due: 3/18


noun. a person elderly, usually honored for wisdom and experience

root: sapere, to perceive or to be sensible or wise

The old sage was respected by the whole town for her great wisdom.


adjective. aware; having knowledge of something

root: nosco, to get to know or to get acquainted with

He was cognizant of all the dangers associated with cliff diving but decided to jump anyway.


transitive verb. to assign a reputation

root: putare, to consider, to reckon, or to settle

The United States is reputed to be full of fat and stupid people.


transitive verb. to give a sign or warning about the future

root: sagio, to perceive acutely or keenly with the senses or mind

The fortune teller presaged her best friend's death, warning of its approaching time.


adjective. guided by one's sense of right and wrong

root: scio, to know or to understand

My great uncles, Magraws, were conscientious objectors, refusing to be involved in war or the act of killing, instead they held to their Quaker beliefs and morals.

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