February Conference

Zechariah lee hill



I need to work on my s r i  I got 454 at the end of the year i need 740.

on m l k jr. leader thing of a bobber  i got 5/10 . on my vocab review i got a score of 11/12 .             on my dust of snow i got a score of 1/10. on my let it snow i got a score of5/11.


colorado persuasive essay i got a score of 17/24 and my grad on that was a 3.

on my settlers and Indians i got a 0/6 i was not proud of that . on my news e l a i got a


my quizzes long division i got 3/10 and3/5 and 4/5 and 2/4 and 4/5 and 10/10  on my multi-digit division i got 15/ 28 .  i'm on my 3 on my times test .


Social Studies

On my Unit 4 test I got 13/18, and on my Unit 8 test I got 14/30.

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