Ebola, a story to tell

By Andrew Crowell

     Hundreds of people have come through here and a significant majority of them have died. Everyday I wear heavy equipment from head to toe, and try and help the best I can. I give people water and feed them when they are unable to themselves. I give people medicine to help relieve their pain and try and make them feel better, even though they are still sick. Almost everyday, I meet someone new and show them to where they will be living until the end, either of their illness or their life. I feel very heartbroken when my patients die, I feel even more heartbroken when they are children who die.


     The facilities we use are highly temperamental due to how many people we have to care for, in petite buildings. We have different sections of the camp which helps separate everyone in the camp. I go to the staff area when I am not working with patients trying to help them survive. We have two different facilities for people who come in, one facility is for people who are suspected to have Ebola and the other facility is for people who have been confirmed to have Ebola. In the facilities we lay most of the the patients on beds so they can be more accessible for treatment. How ever, several patients that have come are unable to lay on beds and must lay on the ground because we do not have enough beds, there are a large number of victims that have overfilled our camp, making it harder for us to help more people, we struggle helping the people we already have.

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