K-12 mLearning Apps

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VoiceThread is an interactive app that allows users to write, draw and record thoughts on shared documents, images and videos.

Teachers can use VoiceThread to present content, comment on student work, differentiate instruction and collaborate with other professionals.

Students can use VoiceThread to present ideas and create projects with multiple means of representation.

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QR Code Reader

Q R codes are handy scan-able links that can take students to different websites, pictures, or texts. For instance, a student simply uses his mobile device to scan the code, and in seconds a youtube video is streaming.

There are many applications for this technology within a classroom. I use Q R codes in my construction lab by posting them onto different machines and linking them to safety videos about that specific piece of equipment.

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Rafter Tools

This app is a great teaching tool for complex roof framing courses. Not only does it do the calculations for a student, it uses and displays diagrams and full mathematical formulas, which are essential in creating a deepening understanding of the processes involved in roof framing.

I have used framing calculator apps in my classes before and have had great success in relaying these concepts to my students. I have my students download the app and follow along on their devices as I work on the SmartBoard through different problems. I then get them to work through different framing calculations on their own.

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Easy Wood Guide Pro

Wood identification is a starting point for any beginning construction student. This app describes and provides pictures of different hardwoods and softwoods allowing students to match the needs of their projects to the characteristics of different materials.

I would use this app in my shop as a fun way for students to explore the many different wood products in my shop and match them to their most effective uses.

Minecraft - Pocket Edition

"Just a game", you might say. Minecraft can be used as a valuable way to teach design and math concepts related to construction. Students can build anything in Minecraft, so why not harness this great tool to teach them about how buildings are put together and how planning and collaboration are invaluable to the construction process.

I would use this app at the jr, high level. My students project would be to build our school in the virtual Minecraft world. Each student would be responsible for a specific area of our school and must build it correctly and to scale in order for their area to fit into the other areas being built by the rest of the class. This collaboration and reliance on one another is another exciting aspect of using Minecraft in this way.

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