Graphing a Story

Joe's obstacle course adventure, Graph 6
By: Tomer Goldhagen

                                                                        Graph 6

                                                       Joe's obstacle course adventure

Joe was doing an obstacle course at the fair. Joe started out on the ground and climbed up the first obstacle, a wall. It was really tall so it took him 6 seconds to climb. He climbed up quickly because he had a lot of energy. When he got to the top he slowly slid down the other side onto a platform which took him another 6 seconds. He went down the slide slow but then faster and faster as he built up speed. From there he ran to the finish, which was above the ground. That took him only 4 seconds. He stayed the same distance above the ground because it was a flat path. The score keeper said that it had taken him 16 seconds to finish the entire obstacle course.

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