The Genius Galilei

Galileo Galilei's Invention

Galileo is often incorrectly credited with the creation of a telescope.. Instead, he significantly improved upon them. In 1609, he first learned of the existence of the spyglass, which excited him. He began to experiment with telescope-making, going so far as to grind and polish his own lenses.  His telescope allowed him to see with a magnification of eight or nine times. In comparison, spyglasses of the day only provided a magnification of three. Galilei also created the first thermometer. The thermometer that he created is different from the one that we use today. His thermometer had colors, but our thermometer has numbers. He created this in 1593. He also built the first high-powered astronomical telescope.

What Galilei is Famous For

In physics Galileo is remembered for discovering the laws of falling bodies and motions of projectiles.  For astronomy he is known for pioneering telescopic observation and, through this, discovering sunspots, the irregular surface of the Moon, the satellites of Jupiter, and the phases of Venus. He is also known for creating the thermometer. Plus he was also known for his battle against the authorities for freedom of inquiry


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