Dino Agbayani - Travel Essayist and Enthusiast

Dino Agbayani is a highly dedicated and motivated individual in the professional world of travel journalism. He is one of the best at what he does because not only does he enjoy writing, but he embraces the exciting experience that one feels when they are submersed in a foreign culture. Although some people would be admittedly out of their comfort zone in a place they are completely unfamiliar with, he welcomes that uneasy feeling and tries to express to his audience the feelings that go along with overcoming that uneasiness successfully. When he isn’t traveling for work or in search of the next great story, Dino is at his home with his wife on the island of Oahu.

Oahu is the third largest island that makes up Hawaii and is known for is known for its excellent surfing conditions that exist along the northern shore. Being from California, he had already been introduced to the sport of surfing, but living in Hawaii made the sport seem larger than life. Everything about Hawaii seemed larger than life to him, and it was what inspired him to travel for a living in the first place. As soon as he first landed at the Honolulu International Airport, he was addicted to the rich and vibrant culture.

Although Dino Agbayani enjoys traveling around the globe and experience new cultures, he has never found one that he enjoyed as much as Hawaii. As a travel essayist, experiencing cultures has never ceased to be enjoyable, but only one culture was attractive enough for him to call home. However, he hopes that the writing he provides for people all over the world with a desire to travel helps inspire them to pick and experience a new place. Dino Agbayani believes to truly understand a people, you must live where they live and step inside their culture. He sets out to portray that experience every time he writes a new story so that he can show people the excitement that goes along with the unfamiliar.

Dino Agbayani - Living in Hawaii

Dino Agbayani has created a living out of his passion for traveling and new experiences. He has always been a talented writer, but it wasn’t until he realized his passion for travel that he was able to put the two together. Although traveling is his passion, it wasn’t until he arrived on the island of Oahu, the third largest island of Hawaii that understood why he felt so strongly. He first visited the island state late in his high school career for a college visit to the University of Hawaii and was immediately hooked on the rich culture that existed on the island. Not only did he know that he wanted to spend his college years at the University of Hawaii, he also knew that the feeling he got from being submersed in a new environment was one he wanted to make last. Hawaii made Dino realize his future as a travel writer, and it is because of that realization that he now permanently resides on the island of Oahu along the northern shore. The northern shore of the island is known for its big wave surfing and several professional level surfing contests that take place every year. When he isn’t in search of the next big story, he can usually be founding spending time in the water at his home.

Dino Agbayani credits the beautiful islands of Hawaii for his love of travel. When he was there for the first time on his college visit, the love for new and exciting cultures was instantly instilled in him. Now, he has been to countries all over the world and experienced what other cultures have to offer the humble traveler. Dino Agbayani has a very large fan base to write for. Although he is a free lancer and writes for several different major publications, he also keeps a personal travel journal that he posts online to all of his devoted fans. Every time he sits down to write his next story, he tries to encompass his experiences on paper so that his readers truly understand what it means to experience a foreign land.

Dino Agbayani - Writing for Major Publications

Dino Agbayani is a dedicated individual who believes in living his life to the fullest. He is currently married and has a permanent address along the north shore of the island, Oahu. Oahu is the third largest island that makes up the state of Hawaii, and its north shore is known for having some of the best surf in the world. Professional and amateur surfers travel from all over the world to ride the big waves that crash into the beaches of the Oahu north shore and there are several contests in the area the feature some of the best riding in the sport today. Dino thoroughly enjoys the sport of surfing, as well as all things Hawaiian. Ever since visited the islands late in his high school career on a college tour of the University of Hawaii, he has been hooked on the culture and the people. Being from the Southern California coast, surfing was something he was already interested in, but when he moved to Hawaii for his college education, he submersed himself in the native sport completely. Although surfing is a big part of his life, he has made a successful career out of traveling the world as a journalist and travel essayist.

Dino Agbayani thoroughly enjoys being a travel writer who gets to spread his joy for other cultures to publications all around the world. He literally has fans that exist on every continent due to his adventurous exploits and his ability to produce them on the page. However, Dino Agbayani loves his home in Hawaii even more than he loves the feeling of traveling to a new place. Ever since he arrived there for his college education at the University of Hawaii, he has never grown tired of the rich and vibrant culture. Even now, he can be found surfing big waves on the north shore of his home island of Oahu, and he enjoys watching the professionals in competitions from what is practically his own back yard.

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