Imagery in the Classroom

I used the following sites to create creative images for use in my Geometry classes:
    -   PicMonkey Photo Editor
    -   Animoto Image/Video Collage
    -   PhotoCat Image Editor and Collage Maker
    -   PosterMyWall Collage Creator

Photocat Photo Editor and Collages

I liked using PhotoCat to create photo collages.  I chose to use the example of Euclid of Alexandria (he is the father of Geometry).  I always have my geometry classes complete a geometry history project at the beginning of the year over the subject's creator.  I found some images of what historians believe Euclid looked like and uploaded them into PhotoCat.  I was able to use a pre-made design to create one collage.  I then used a background template to create a collage of my own design.

Animoto Video Collages

I absolutely love Animoto!  I feel that this is a great method to introduce a lesson through imagery.  It was very easy to create video photo collages and incorporate transitions and audio into the video.  I have never been great at video editing and this seemed like the most tech savvy and user friendly video creator I have seen yet.   What I have created above is first a video collage of my students doing geometric constructions using chalk on pavement outdoors.  The second is a compilation of imagery of Euclid, the father of Geometry, according to what historians believed he looked like.  This would have been a great introductory method through visuals to introduce the group project on Euclid my classes have recently completed.

Poster My Wall

I thought that this site was creative.  It contained multiple templates you could work with to create your own posters.  I created a poster featuring a "funny" example of a theory we cover in Geometry.  The "Law of Syllogism" fits in with the lesson on logic and deductive reasoning in my Geometry course.  I use this example with my classes because it usually gets the students to understand the law and also become engaged with the content (many teenagers find Chuck Norris to be cool and humorous).  Poster My Wall was very easy to use.  I think I will try to have my students use this site to create posters when we do projects.

Mr. Alexander's 2013-2014 graduating seniors.

I also used PicMonkey to enhance the quality and alter an image.  This is a photo that I took with my graduating seniors last semester.  I held a celebration party during our "activity period" for my seniors as a reward for them on graduation.  I used PicMonkey to distort and lighten the image a bit.  I also found some image enhancing tools to make some features stand out like a "comic."  I also added a matte and a border/frame.  I would like to have this image printed out and posted in my room as a reminder that hard work and dedication to education pays off well.

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