business cards!

Good and Bad business cards!

This business card is so cute because it has bright colors and a unique shape! It catches the viewers attention and makes you want to read what it says

This business card shows how the person that needs business doesn't have a job by portraying a homeless person. It may offend some people but it does show how creative he is when it comes to writing. This is such a good way of getting the attention you want

This is such a cute idea especially because it's advertising architecture. It has the cute idea of someone's childhood playing and building things with legos, and them turning that dream into reality. It'll remind you of something you did when you were a child and make you want to do business with them because you know it is what they love to do.

This business card is not a good example because all it has is a name and number. What if you forget who this person even is? It doesn't have any other information or graphics so you don't even know what this person does.

This business card is so boring. I don't  like that it puts the designer down. You should be confident in yourself in order to do a business. If you put yourself down then you're pretty much putting your whole business down.

The graphic is good but this business card says nothing about the business and leaves no information. Maybe this is an artist's business card? Who knows.

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