In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines lived twelve little girls who walked in two straight lines. Their professor was leading them to school when Audrey noticed Claire was scratching her head aggressively. Not knowing why she was scratching so much she questioned her. Claire's hair was full of dandruff. Audrey saying jokingly "Shower lately?" Claire became embarrassed because she was a clean person and was confused as to why she was abrading her head so desperately. Before arriving at the school she thought to herself, "where could I have gone that polluted my hair with bugs? "Ah!" she screamed I was helping my dad dig a trench when I decided to slide into the hole Claire asked Professor Curran to go get inspected by the nurse. The nurse diagnosed Claire with Lice. Due to the fact she was diverting in the trench, where lice tend to hide in dark areas. Claire began seeing red bite marks all over her body.

"How am I supposed to get rid of lice?" Claire asked. "You will have to  light a candle to burn the lice off. A steamy hot bath might also be necessary while you put your clothes in a delousing machine. Be careful though a majority of the time the lice lay eggs and the eggs may remain on the clothes even after being washed." said the nurse. Head lice cannot fly because they have no wings. It can be dislodged from the head by air movement so you should stay out of school for a few days and DONT go in a trench ever again. Their are rats that scurry around in the tunnels and can spread diseases and if you don't want to catch the diseases stay away!

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