Four Weird Ways Your Body Reacts To Stress

It is fact that you lose one percent of height between the times when you get up in the morning and till you go back to bed. That's strange enough. But thanks to job stress, that decline is even greater on workdays.

When you're standing, gravity and motion embraces fluid amongst the vertebrae of your spine. And stress generates muscle tension in your shoulders and back that constrains out even more fluid than usual, making you shorter. But that's not the only weird way it muddles with your body.

1. It makes your ears ring. In the result of a study, men were thirty-nine percent more likely to report hearing loss or ringing ears when faced with the stress because of frequent job changes. The reason: tension and anxiety hormones seem to cause damaging stimulus within your ear's cochlear receptors.

2. Your skin itches. When your boss makes you work day and night, it can trigger unusual motion in the parts of your brain connected to central itch control. That can lead to itchiness, rashes, or other skin disorders.

3. It shrinks your brain. Stress increases the presence of proteins that slows or shuts down your brain's capability to develop synapses, which are the joints where neurons interchange messages. This might lead to harm your brain's prefrontal cortex and damages the ability of decision making. This stress-induced brain shrinkage may even be related to dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

4. Gives you a stomachache. Brain-gut interfaces aren't well understood. However, anxiety hormones seem to over-stimulate the parts of the brain accountable for intestine regulation, which can lead to nausea and stomach irritation.

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