Project Life Project

By Kenny Strobel and Austin Nagel

About Us

We are married with no children. Austin drives 10 miles to and from work. He works as a carpenter. I drive 25 miles to and from work everyday with my job as a Physician Assistant.


Austin makes an annual salary of $45,000

I make an annual salary of $93,00 a year.

We pay $1,515 in taxes.

Our net monthly income is $10,110.

Established Expenses

What Austin and I spend each month:

We spend $360 each month on Health and Life Insurance.

We spend $720 on Medical and Dental Expense.

F,8or our future plan we spend $505.10 montly but with the money we save in our spending which is 6,784.30 a month.

Charitable giving we give $101.10.

Also with our unlucky chance card we spend $50 for termite control.

Chance Cards

When I was cleaning out my grandparents attic I came across an antique and later on sold it for 1,500 cash which translated into 125.00 per month. Then we got unlucky on our other card and had to pay $50 for roach extermination.

Personal Investments

I inherited 3 stock portfolios. 75 stocks in Facebook (FB). 30 stocks in Microsoft (MSFT). Finally 60 stocks in Nike (NKE). My investments lost me $117.30. Austin inherited 3 stock portfoolios as well. His first stock was 75 in DOW the chemical company (DOW). His second stock was 30 stocks in General Motors Company (GM). Finally his last stock was 60 stocks in GameStop (GME). He lost about $98.55 so into total we lost a combined $215.85.


We live in Mankato, Minnesota. We pay 511.50 a month for the house. It has 1 main bedroom and 3 guest bedrooms. Two baths. It also has a dining room and kitchen.


We pay 100 dollars for electricity. We pay 35 dollars for sewer/water payment. We pay 70 dollars for telephone payment.


We own a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am, That we payed $1,499 for. And a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix that we bought from craigslist for $1500. We pay a total of $239.76 dollars a month on our payments.

I drive 25 miles to and from work every day. Austin drives about 10 miles to and from work every day. So we drive an estimated 1600 miles to and from work monthly. My car is about 14 years old and Austins is 10 years old so we pay a combined $160s for monthly fuel cost. The monthly maintenance combined is $70. So add that all up and we spend about $230 in our variable transportation cost.

Home Improvment and Furniture

To help make our living area better we have purchased a couch for our living room. A bean baggie also for our living room. Also a flat screen TV for our living room. We spend about $31.25 monthly for home improvment and furniture.

Household, Food, and Personal Hygine

What we eat each week:

Monday: Breakfast; Toast and Orange Juice, Lunch; Eat out, Dinner; Chicken Nuggets and water, Snake; Chips

Tuesday: Breakfast; Eggs and Orange Juice, Lunch; Eat out, Dinner; Frozen Pizza and Mountain Dew, Snack; Chips

Wednesday: Breakfast; Toaster strudels and orange juice, Lunch; Eat out, Dinner; Pizza rolls and water, Snake; Ice Cream

Thursday: Breakfast; Taster Strudels and Apple Juice, Lunch; Eat out, Dinner;Frozen Pizza and water, Snake; Popcorn

Friday: Toast and Apple Juice, Lunch; Eat out, Dinner; Frozen Pizza and mountain dew, Snack; Apples

Saturday: Breakfast; Eggs and apple juice, Lunch; Hamburgers and Mountain Dew, Dinner; Eat out, Snack, Ice Cream

Sunday: Toast, eggs, toaster strudels and Orange/apple juice, Lunch; Frozen pizza and mountain dew, Dinner; Eat out, Snack; Chips.

Clothing and Accesories

We spent about 165.96 total. We bought one pair of casual slacks for 39.99. Then we bought 2 T-shirts for a combined $45.98. We also bought 2 pairs of shoes for $56.00 total. Then finally we bought a ninja turtle backpack for $44.99.

Entertainment and Recreation

With Entertainment we spent $401. Two tickets for Bad Grandpa for $17.00 total. Courtside Wolves game for $364 total. Also we went to a club which a entry fee was $10 each so we spent $20. Then also we went to some free stuff like the Mental Health Welness Fair and also Live Music by Duke Zecco.

Cable and Dining Out

We chose the delux package on the Cable TV so our monthly cable expense is $84.

Then with eating out we spent about $55.20 monthly.