What is the value in a good essential question?

Book Study Chapter 3 Agenda

  1. In content based groups, peruse the EQs provided.  Then, individually, choose the most valuable EQ on the list.
  2. In small groups, discuss Chapter 3 and the video through the lens of our book study's essential question.
  3. As a whole group, practice unpacking standards and developing EQs from standards.
  4. In mixed content groups, share EQs and/or units.  Evaluate EQs; develop EQs for units.
  5. As a whole group, discuss connections with UbD, EQs, and assessment philosophy.

Homework: Read Chapter 4 and select ONE idea from Chapter 4 that you'd like to incorporate into a lesson or lessons in the next month. You don't need to implement, just to determine what idea you will implement.

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