Dr. Susan Cardenas - Respected Associate Professor at NMSU

Dr. Susan Cardenas - Professor Committed to Excellence

Dr. Susan Cardenas is part of the staff at New Mexico State University where she works as an associate professor. She always shares her knowledge and insights with students and the youth within the community and through special school programs. Dr. Cardenas is using her experience and skills in the public health sector to make an impact on the community at large. She works with government agencies, schools and communities to educate the young on health issues.

Dr. Cardenas has worked in many areas of the public health sector. Even before finishing her degree to become a professor, she was working within the public health sector as District III's community and media relations coordinator at New Mexico Department of Health. Her daily tasks included such things as writing press releases, news articles, coordinating public health campaigns and setting up media interviews for the department. She was also in charge of responsible for coordinating health initiatives by networking with other community agencies and government entities. These efforts made a great impact in her work and helped drive public health initiatives with both the schools and within the community.

Presently, Dr. Susan Cardenas is an associate professor at New Mexico State University. She has received numerous awards since taking the position. She was the recipient of the NMSU Donald C. Roush Award for Teaching Excellence, which is only given to the most accomplished members of the New Mexico State University staff. The faculty members chosen must demonstrate a deep commitment to education and the desire to go above and beyond the school's criteria for all professors and teaching professionals. Dr. Cardenas remains one of the top faculty members within the school and continues to serve as a role model within the Department of Public Health Sciences at NMSU and the community as a whole.

Dr. Susan Cardenas is a longstanding part of the faculty at New Mexico State University (NMSU) in the Department of Public Health Sciences. She received her Master of Science degree in Health Science and Management in 1995 and was quickly brought on to become part of New Mexico State University faculty. She has been in charge of creating the curriculum for a range of courses while teaching as a Department of Health Science professor. Her classes are both conducted on-campus and online. Some of the courses she teaches are Health Science, Women's Health Issues and Foundations of Public Health, Health Sexuality, Principles of Health Education and Stress Management. Dr. Cardenas is a great role model for students and gives each student a positive educational experience. She is a very committed professional and tries to always go above and beyond her duties at the Department of Public Health Sciences at New Mexico State University and has made a difference in the lives of her students while at NMSU. She has received many awards for her outstanding performance including the NMSU Donald C. Roush Award for Teaching Excellence and the Distinguished Alumni Award for the College of Health and Social Services, Department of Public Health Sciences.

Dr. Cardenas has been an integral part of the public health programs in Southern New Mexico for many years. She is well known within the school system as being a great researcher and educator. Her students and faculty members hold her in high esteem for the wonderful work she has done in the public health sector. Dr. Cardenas tries to always stay well informed on topics that relate to public health and shares these ideas with her colleagues and fellow program directors. She believes that it takes everyone being involved within the community and its growth to make a difference in people's lives.

Dr. Susan Cardenas - Changing the Face of Public Health

Since 1996, Dr. Susan Cardenas has been a well-respected associate professor at New Mexico State University. She continously surpasses the criteria in her department and has been awarded numerous awards for her stellar performance and was awarded the NMSU Donald C. Roush Award for Teaching Excellence. Dr. Cardenas was also nominated and received the Distinguished Alumni Award for the College of Health and Social Services—Department of Public Health Sciences.

Dr. Susan Cardenas puts her students’ welfare and interests first and tries to teach them valuable life lessons. Her main goal is to help students move forward academically and steer clear of some of the pitfalls that ruin young lives. Dr. Cardenas is also part of the departments Success with Adolescent Goals Program, as the Program Manager. The program helps educate the local youth on a variety of subjects geared towards general health and sexuality.

Dr. Susan Cardenas has years of teaching experience and dedication within the public health sector. She has helped students both academically and personally throughout the years. Dr. Cardenas teaches courses for the undergraduate health education curriculum both online and for on campus courses. She oversees the grant writing and teaching of programs in areas such as women’s health, sexuality education for children and young adults, children’s health and maternity. Dr. Cardenas also donates her time to work with the community through outreach programs in research and health education. She has made a big impact on the students that have taken her classes both personally and academically.

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