and its culture


                  The main religion of Chile belong to the catholic church, since it is 69% of Chile's population. The rest of the religion in Chile is 17% Protestant or Evangelical and just 3% with any other religion. Agnostics and atheist are estimated at 19%.

"Mapuche father and son, Chile." Photos/Illustrations. AFP/Getty Images. World Geography: Understanding a Changing World. ABC-CLIO, 2014. We


                        Spanish in the official language of Chile. There are also quite a few indigenous languages such as Mapudungun (spoken between the Itata and Tolten rivers) and Aymara (spoken in the mountains of the north). Of the 16 million Chileans, over 14 million speak Chilean Spanish as their first language. There are some 700,000 mapuche living in Chile, of whom 200,000 speak Mapudungun.

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