why do you like or love listening to music?

So some people love music, some just hate it.When i was little or younger than i am now, i loved country music, i knew ever song they played. My dad and i would sing together but, as i was growing up i stopped loving country and went to pop. But, who cares about me. I mean i family does.The way i express myself is by ..........singing. I sing when i go on a trip,doing my chores,cleaning my room, and of  course i sing when my favorite movie is on........FROZEN!!!!!!!!! watch it 160 times since it came out.But i want to know how you express your self?I don't care how you express your self. It could be in a cool way, weird,funny, or just any kind of way.what are you talking about i was singing making this. Not out loud in my head.;);)

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3 years ago