Technology in 4th Grade with
Mrs. Dooley

By. Heather Amaya

There are so many awesome things you can do with technology in the classroom!
The kids love technological resources! Mrs. Dooley would have more time to engage with the students.
Here are a few of the different things I found out you could do.......

Spelling Test's

Students can take a Spelling test, which enables students to take the test at their own pace and also creates less work for the teacher because the test is auto graded. Results are printed and sent to the teacher.

Spelling test on the computer

Directions on the Board

Allows the students to see on the board what the directions are so the students are able to start on their own and prevents the teacher wasting time by repeating instructions over and over again.

Directions on Spelling Test


Online timer helps the teacher and kids stay on task! The students are able to look and see how much time they have left as well as help the teacher keep track of time when working with the students.

Timer in the classroom.

Delta + Meetings

Students conduct Delta+ meetings where they talk about things they need to work on for the day and what they did awesome the previous day! Mrs. Dooley observes and steps in if necessary.

Student conducting a Delta + Meeting

You Tube Fluency

Students have a song weekly that they work on. The lyrics are posted through You Tube and the students follow along with the lyrics. Mrs. Dooley even sings along!

How to Math Video's

Students were able to use I-pads to create their own how to Math video's. They made a video on how to multiply and divide on a place chart. They had fun!

What does Mrs. Dooley think about technology in the classroom?

Loves it!


- Engages the students.

-Prepares students for the    technological world we live in.

- Time management

Any issues?

Sometimes their is some network issues but this does not happen often.

What is your favorite?

You Tube Fluency and Brain Break time!

Last but definitely not least, sometimes you just need a brain break!

More photos from my time with Mrs. Dooley's class

Butler Letter, signed!