The Twenty-Seventh Amendment

No. The 27th Amendment prohibits any law that allows an increase or decrease in any congress members salary.

The 27th amendment was brought up at a North Carolina convention by several states, and was suggested to be put in place.

This lead to James Madison presenting the Amendment on September 25, 1789. Then was ratified on May 7th, 1992.

James Madison proposed the 27th Amendment because he believed that if legislators had no personal stake in the vote then they were probably going be cautious about increasing congressional salary. Also Madison proposed the Amendment because he wanted to make the provision of getting congress members getting voted out of office by the public for voting themselves a pay raise.

No changes were created to the 27th amendment after it was passed.

The 27th Amendment is the last amendment ratified.

The easiest way to remember the 27th amendment is just to think that "congress wants more money."  and this amendment restricts any pay raises to congressional members. Also another was to remember this is that congressional pay raises are the LAST thing we want. (last amendment)

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