The moon's role

Jasmine Vogt
7th hour

The introduction

The moon's phases, and Eclipses, and the role that the Moon has on our tides. There are many things you don't know about the Moon and Earth.

Phases: there are many phases in the moon. That many people have not seen. There are over 29 moon phases. We have moon phases because the moon has a rotation, and it shows every night by changing phases. The phases affect the Earth by giving is very little light every night, or gaining light.

Tides: There are many kinds of tides, some tides are, high tides, low tides, spring tides and neap tides. Tides occur because the water follows the gravitational pull of the moon and sun. Tides have the affect on Earth of giving us tides.

Eclipses: There are many types of eclipses. There is the New Moon eclipse, the Full Moon eclipse, the first, and third quarter eclipses, and the half moon eclipses. Eclipses occur because the moon also moves in a rotation, and revolution along with the Earth. Eclipses affect the Earth by letting us see the wonders of the moon's rotation.

Conclusion: The moon is very important to the Earth. Life would be very hard on Earth without the moon. If we did not have the moon, then there would be no light during the night for us to be able to see.

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