Madi Wagner

Photography Portfolio

Cracks in the Path

I took this picture of my backyard fence for my elements project. I really like this view point, the contrast of the fence and cracks, and the focus of it.

Reflective Coil

This is another elements picture of mine. I absolutely love the industrialness and the repeating circles in this picture. I also love the vibrance of the green reflected in the spring.

Rosy Orange

I love the way that the orange looks like a flower and how the peels surrounding it look like rose petals. We took this as a project in class.


Another picture from the in class assignment; this is my favorite picture I took that day. I love the vibrance and contrast of the orange against the black and I love that you can see the roughness of the peels and the blurred background.

Sun On the Water

I went to the lake and saw that the sun was making an amazing reflection on the lake with a nice orange oming out of the blue sky. I really like the trees showing their bare branches and i like that they're black, as to not take away from the bright sun.

Wooden Barn

I took this at the arboretum. I really liked the crudeness of the barn and how the trees and shrubs make a kind of frame to the barn.

Leading Path

I also took this at the Arboretum. I love the vibrance of the greens and yellows and that its kind of a leading line. I took this because I liked that it was a bringe in the middle of some woods-ish areas.


I took this for my photo essay and I just really love the contrast and the pattern of the holes.


I took this picture of my sister playing our guitar. I like the viewpoint and how shes not looking at the camera.

Guitar Strings and Long Grass

I took this of my sister and I love the vibrance and length of the grass. I also like how the guitar is framing her. Once again, I like that she's not looking at the camera.

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