Arctic Mountains  

By: Nicole Woodall


~The Snow On The Mountain                                         ~The rocks on the mountains                                           ~The Water In The River                                           ~The Frozen Ice                                                       ~The Cold Temputres                                                                                                       


The Snowy Owl                                                       Polar Bears                                                       Dall Sheep                                                       Narwhal                                                                                 

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             Carrying Capacity

~The limit or maximum a habitat can hold

Ex. Every time there is a drought Penguins come close to dieing because of the lack of water.                                                                                                                             Ex. If there is a flood the Penguin has a hard to surviving because there shelter is out in the open, but with all the water flooding the place they have no where to go.                

This is the population going down by the years. :

        Limiting Factors & Prey

~ Resources or environmental conditions that limit the growth of an organism or population

Ex. A penguin is the predator and fish is the prey. If there is a drought and the fish die there is no food for the penguins so they might die too.                                                             Ex. A shark eats penguins, but if there is a drought again there is no food for penguins (so they die) and then the shark has no food so they die as well.  

                  Energy roles

~ Quantitative measure of the production or consumption of energy by any organism is the energy role.

Producer: a producer in the snowy mountains would be trees, there is a lot of them.

Consumers: some consumers include owls, polar Bears, snakes.

Decomposers: Fungi

If the producers did not get energy from the sun, then they could not give energy to the others.

                  Food Chains

  1. Food chains just show one food chain while food webs show a whole ecosystem of food chains

If i removed the mouse the grain would grow and the rattlesnakes would die because they have no food, then the things that eat the snack would die as well cause they have no food to.

                 Trophic Levels

The reason the shape is pyramid is that there is the least amount of energy at the top and the top is the smallest.

The base [the producers area] is the largest because there is the most energy on the bottom and the bottom is the biggest.


This is the chemical formula. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

During photosynthesis you need sunlight, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and water. During this process the change light energy into chemical and produce organic compound and gaseous oxygen.

The whole photosynthesis process takes place in the chloroplasts.

The energy transformation is below


  • The turning or bending movement or an organism toward or away from an external stimulus
  • An example of tropism is a Kiwi Vine, it attaches it self to the side of a mountain.
Kiwi Vines


~Without decomposes there would be no good soil for the plants, so there would not be a lot of plants. Also there would be a lot of trash everywhere without them.

- you would find lots of worms and also scavengers and foxes.


Adaptations are how you survive. Just like poler Bears, they have fur to keep them warm.

Ex. Like I said before, polar bears have thick fur to keep them warm. The reason for the fur is because it is so cold in the arctic tundra.

Ex. You also have to be able to eat fish, because there is not a lot of life. There is tons of water with lots of fish.

              Natural Selection

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