Wakeboard Creation

Garrison Vick Graduation Product J.Horne12AP

In these pictures, I will be showing you how to build your own wakeboard! Please enjoy!

First off, I started with a piece of plywood and drew the shape of the actual wakeboard onto the plywood.

In the first two pictures, you will see the basic tools that I used to draw the dimensions of the wakeboard onto the wood. The last two pictures are of me cutting along the guidelines with a jigsaw.

I double checked the dimensions and then began sanding down the board to give it a nice, smooth surface. Then I put two these weights on the center of the board and one under each edge of the board to help obtain a concurve shape.

As I sanded down the board, It got more and more smooth. This was a tedious process but I was pleased with the board. I then painted a dark stain on the board that would help the board become slick and water resistant, The water resistance was a big key because without it, the board would not be as durable in the water,

It took 4 coats of stain to sufficiently cover the board and make it completely water resistant.

I am very pleased with my finished product. Everything worked out like I had hoped! As you can see, I have factory made boots on the board but this was strictly a safety issue. If I were to use any other item in substitution,there would be a greater possibility to severely injure the rider.

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