Battle of King's Mountain

                                                               October 7th 1780

The battle of King's Mountain was one of the only battles fought entirely between Colonists. On the South Carolina Tennessee border the Overmountain Men surrounded a Loyalist or "Tory" force.

The Overmountain Men were a militia group rugged frontiersmen from South Carolina.  The term "overmountain" refers to the place west of the Appalachian Mountains where the Overmountain Men lived.  These men already had hatred towards Loyalists living in the Carolinas, so this was a good way to unleash their anger.

The Loyalist forces were comprised of people mostly living in South Carolina lead by Patrick Ferguson.  Ferguson lead his army towards Cornwallis' to meet up when they got word of an attack but they were too late. They were surrounded and trapped so they lead several charging sprints down King's Mountain but failed.

The Overmountain men wore their hunting attire as they would have everyday and used their hunting rifles which took longer to load (about a minute) but were much more accurate (up to 300 yards) than muskets (150.) This was one of the key reasons the Overmountain prepeared

This American Victory helped boost Patriot morale after several tough defeats in the south including the Fall of Charleston, the Battle of Camden, and the Waxhaws Massacre.  Utilizing pivotal battles in the south like this one at King's Mountain Generals Washington and Greene forced the British into Virginia where they would ultimately be besieged and defeated.

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