Persuasive Essay

Our world has a negative attitude towards some things. The reason for those negative attitudes is the type of people we have, which are bad people or negative people as you may call them. The world needs better people so that we can continue to build our world into something greater and so that we can insure that future generations don't make the same mistakes that we are making.

    Our world is a place where we are supposed to live and enjoy life, but sometimes we can't because we have those negative people in our circle or our society that make it hard on everyone else to focus themselves and on their families. People don't want to live a hard knock life, they want to experience things there parents couldn't, and show their children what it's like to have a good life. By us adding good and positive energy we are able to help the people in our community help us and come together as one to make our world a greater and better place.

     The day you get to hold your son/daughter in arms for the first time, one of the many things that you should say to yourself is that you're going to be a great role model so that he/she won't make the same mistakes you made or go down the sake road. You wouldn't want to have you're children live a hard life because you or people in your circle make the wrong decisions while they were around because it doesn't do them any good. It will just make them another average person in the world that didnt do anything with their lives. This is why we need better people in our world to make it a greater place and an example for future genereations.

      In conclusion by having good people in our world it will make it a better place and set an example for generations because of the decisions they make.


Martin Aragon


12346 tierra Alaska



To grow and learn as a teacher.

Crockett (K-1st) Travis (2nd-5th) Hernando (6-8th) El Dorado (9th-12th)

• A/B Honor Roll

• Basketball Mvp

• Perfect Attendance

• Citizenship award

• A Honor Roll

I have been a substitute teacher for 5 years.

• Hands on learner

• Good listening skills

• Good reader and writer

• Hard Working

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern:

I would like to reccomend James Leyva for the head coach position for the Pebble Hills football team. I have known James for about 3 years now, he has been a great assistant coach for the El Dorado high school football team.

James is a great coach and person. He is a coach who takes the time to understand his players and gets to know them. He has good intentions of being a head football coach, he knows what it takes and how much time that needs to be put in to be a successful coach.

Letter of Intent

Aragon, Martin

12346 Tierra Alaska

El Paso, Tx, 79938

May 20, 2015

Cindy Retana, Principle

El Dorado High School

12401 Edgemere

El Paso, Tx, 79938

Dear Cindy Retana, My name is Martin Aragon I have been a substitute at El Dorado high school for the past 3 years. I am interested in a teaching job that you guys have open. I will bring a hands on learning experience to the kids at EDHS. I will also strive to improve discipline on our campus. My goal at your high school is to learn and strive as a teacher.

My role as a teacher is to teach our students what they need to know. In my past experience as a substitute I hardly had any trouble or students to complain about. It was a goodifferent experience because it showed me how being a teacher really is.

In conclusion, I would lover to be a teacher at El Dorado high school due to the great staff and students that you have.


Martin Aragon

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