Paragraph 1

How I Portray my self!

The image i present to society is that I am a responsible person because I say & show proper manners even tho I can still be very shy in lots of times & places. I also show that I can be fun and try new things and make people laugh. This is how others and I portray my self.

Paragraph 2

If I could portray my self differently (or even a alter-ego)

I would be an very out going person who can always make everything there own in some sort of way. Id also want to be an actor of some sort.

For an Alter-Ego id want to be a girl with powers so that when I touched water id become a mermaid with powers and I could then live underwater and on land.

Paragraph 3

Do people see me the way I wish to be seen? How would you want them to see you? Discuss the legacy you leave at Allan Drive.

Yes people see me the way I want to be seen. That way is would be my honest self or the way I show my self to them. I want people to see me how I portray my self to them and the others around them.

The legacy I leave at Allan Drive is a young good graded girl who loves art and sports

Paragraph 4

How is my legacy represented with in my digital foot print?

My legacy in digital foot print is that I love taking photos of things I do with my friends, family, Events, and special moments. I love animals and I respect peoplea lot  & have a good sense in humor.

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