My life in picture

By: Laia Ariza Moral

in this photo album will show you some of the things that has happened in my life up to the age that I have time I hope you enjoy it


I would go to my after dinner to park next to my house to skate with my sister and my mother came to watch us if we were doing us harm.

Dancing School Loli

five years I started dancing because I loved dancing since i decided to do it a lot and I would learn what would happen very different girls who like what I do.

Day in the snow

In 2009 I went to the Montseny to snow with family after going to the flea market Granollers. Me and my sister contruimos a snowman and made a war of snow balls . Then we went to a coffee shop to take something warm and we had very cold .


My first time was in 2010 portaventura when I went with my family and my cousin Mireia . I ride all the attractions could for my age and I had a great less time to leave because I got sick and could not find the car parquin


In our school sant cristofol celebrate Carnival and this year was no exception. As in that Christmas I was given the guise of Gabriela , if someone you do not know is the star of High School Musical , I wanted to put on the school party and so I did. Many friends of mine thought that my costume had been very original and that's what I also believed

The theater

The theater is one of the things that I liked from my previous school and this was one of them that represent the history of Saint George is one of the legends best known in Catalonia as well known as the day of the roses and books

One of the best birthay

This year was my first birthday where sleeping invite people to my house cañamars . As it happened, they were also celebrating the medieval festival there whether you aprobechamos to go look at what we had and were very surprised because it was great. We went to a small house of horror , we learned to blow glass, we saw fighting in the Middle Ages ...

¡Pool Party!

In my family many festivals are held , and this time we wanted to celebrate the birthday of my cousin ruben us at home and that's what we did invite and did a great holiday with the family in the pool, you can not miss summer .


i went  to the cosmocaixa with my family, and y whatched a lot of   animals: frogs,fishs, spiders , snakes , rats, starfish ... and i visited planetarium and exposition about fossils and dinosaurs


That day I went to the fair to be held in Mataro beach party after school with my family and my friend Daniel

Cruz de mayo

Every year in the sports of cross Dalt rewards of May is celebrated where my dance school we are going there to do a little flamenco recital with my friends from other classes

Swimming Pool

In summer take the opportunity to swim in the pool with my family or just my sister and I our background music


Preparing catechesis and arrives the day of my communion. First we went to church and then cañamars assemble a small party with family and friends.


bye bye school children from adolescence here . In our school organized by our parents we did a party with all the sixth graders to the dismissal of the teachers, we had fun , had a buffet meal , and everyone was bringing something and music all night. day memorable

Travel to Paris

For a long time we estubimos save to went to somewhere that gustase.This year we could went to DisneyLand Paris and since childhood had haunted me went and I could fulfill my dream.

christmas sorprise

This year come Christmas surprise as I ice skating girl pushed me and made me fall badly fractured right leg , but I do not let that stop me from spending the best possible Christmas.

Mi first dance championship

This year I started my dance championship dance school were Tindens our group and with them won championships Hot steeps Sabadell and I am very proud of my group


i have got this far when i 'm fourteen IPM still in school and going to class 209 3rD we 'll see what my future holds

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