Francisco  Maldonado  Becerra     Level  VIII.

Examples: "Used To" and "getting used"

* getting used".

*  used to

He used to go to the play football  every saturday. when he was young.

My  grandfather  used to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, but he quit last year.

There used to be a great library here, but it closed a few years ago.

I am  getting  used  to  living  with sheeps  

I am getting used to walking long distances to arrive Upv.

I am getting used to see boring  programms in  open television

Examples: "would","could","should", "might","must".

You must wear a uniform.

You can´t climb the tree, because are you some sick.

Are you see sick?  You should rest today.

Today it may  rain.

He might feel so bad.

Could you let me a pen?.

He must have been  in the school  yesterday.  

Examples: "Simple  fact".

Examples with  "used to"  plus  "infinitve"

I  used to  play football, but I did not Know.

Did he use to play football  in the park.  

I didn't use to speak  tings stupid.

I am getting used to  traveling  on  Bus.

Examples with   modals with  certain.  

They  can´t  arrive top  party

He must take a medicine.

I can  fly.  that  believed

Examples with "Have" + "Past  Participle".

Have you been  smoking in the restroom?.

I am have said lot of stupid things.

The teachers  have been  very busy in  the end of cuatrimestre.  

Use  of  the   Firstly,  Finally,  Another  thing,  as  far as/suppose/Anyway

In  my  homework, I had  some mistakes,but finally I them did correctly.

Firstly  you should talk  with  your advisor.

In the as far as possible.I want do them things very good.

When you suppose, you are generating doubts.

Marry her anyway.

Methaporas and Idioms.

My heart are in thousand parts.

My friend gave me a hand in the work, that I had in my house.  

Brock  is  the head   of  wwe. in this   moments.

When he was sick. his mother was like  his legs.

Synonyms:  concerned, describe,  loathed ,  buddies,  unfortunate.

I am some worried.because tomorrow, I will do a test. (concerned)

How you can explain this exercise?.  (describe)

Any peoples hate me. (loathed)

I am  few  friend,   but they  were very good.(buddies)

Any  peoples  are unhappy.  (unfortune)  

simple fact

I cut  my  finger.  o my god.

My brother works in Soriana.

I am collected trading cards-

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