If I had to portray myself as a different person I would be a boring person that is not fun at all. This would be different from who I am now because I am not a boring person and I like to have fun with my friends. I like to make them laugh and play sports. I currently play for the Caledon minor hockey league. My alter-ego would not play any sports, he would spend most of his time relaxing at home.

I portray myself as a funny, smart and responsible person. I am responsible because i get my work done and hand my things in on time. I am smart because I get good marks in school. I am funny because I can make my friends laugh. The image i portray to society is to be yourself. I think it's important because i everybody was the same the world would be extremely boring.

I think people see me the way I want them to see me. I like that people see me as fun and energetic because that is the image i want to portray. The legacy I would like to leave to leave at Allan drive is someone that is unique and proud to be themselves. It is important to be happy with who you are.

I don't have social media but if I did I would be respectful  with the thinge I post online. If I had Instagram  I would post pictures that would make people laugh. If I had Facebook i would write funny things and post funny pictures. I would use social media to make others laugh.