Fifty-One 2.0 Blue Line Electronic Cigarette Kit at $179.95.

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

This stylish and sophisticated Fifty-One 2.0 Blue Line Electronic Cigarette Kit has an attractive appearance and contains all the accessories you’ll need to begin enjoying your experience using electronic cigarettes.

Growing quickly in popularity, the use of electronic cigarettes is here to stay, so choose the Fifty-One 2.0 Blue Line to appeal to your sense of style while knowing you have selected a starter kit that is built to last. This blue hard-shelled gold-embossed case with magnetic closure keeps your e-cigarette accessories safe and secure, while still providing you easy access to your kit and its contents.

This kit is brimming with plenty of extras, including the following:

     2 x 2.0 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion 'Cigarette' Batteries
     5 x Cartomizers (All-in-one Atomized Filters)
     1 x Wireless USB Charger
     1 x Wall Adapter for USB Charger
     1 x Club 51 Membership Card
     1 x User Manual Booklet (English)

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