Parts To A River

Great Basin

A great basin is a process where water isn't moving.

The picture Above shows where most great basins are located

Flood Plains

Floodplains are flat land areas that surround a river channel.This land will be under water when there is a flood from that river.


A watershed is a process when there is a high area of water,goes to a lower area of water,into a large body of water.


Headwaters are the upper reach of a stream. Usually in headwaters, the streams light is blocked by making plant life.The picture above was found in Lake County,Ohio.


A source is where all water begins at.The image above was found on


The mouth or the delta is the opening of a river or lake.This is a delta found from BellingHam.

Down River

A downriver is found inbetween headwaters and floodplains.The picture above is from the Amazon Rain forest.


Divide is another fancy word for something,usually a patch of land seperates watersheds.


Tributary's are sideline rivers flowing into a larger area of water

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