Informative Writing Prompt - Water Conservation

Today, you are going to get ready to write an informative essay to answer this question:

What can you do to save water?

Day 1 ~ Get ready to write.

Watch the video below, Water Conservation Tips.

Think about "Why is it important to save water?" as you watch the below video, Water Conservation Tips . . .

Be ready to discuss your thinking with your class.

Carefully listen/follow along as I read the article: Save our Water!
****Take notes about the article as you follow along as I read.

What can you do to save water? Turn and talk to a partner about what you could do.
You each have three minutes to explain what you would do and why.  You need to talk for the entire 3 minutes while your partner listens only. . . no verbal communication, just non-verbal communication from the silent partner.

Partner One Talks - What Can I Do? Why?

Partner Two Talks - What Can I Do? Why?