Media - Branding 5-11-15
Five Brands:
Apple Iphone
Pac Sun
Nike gained my trust by just the shoes and than the shirts with prints and more on it attached me more to it, They'll probably lose my loyalty but stop making those shirts. Apple gained my trust by the iPhone 4s first when I got it. They gained it even more now with the IPhone 5s to the six. One way they will lose me as an fan was if they stopped selling recent products. Pac sun gained my loyalty when "On the byas" came I love the baseball jersey and the oversized tees them losing me as fan will be if those shirts weren't made anymore. Vans and converse gained my loyalty just with the low tops shoes especially the red shoes losing me as an fan I don't know what they'll be . To me popular logos have repttion or using celebrities and humor a lot. To me if I made an logo it'll have to do with football and if there was an video I'll use NFL celebrities to make it better.

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