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Best Renovation Companies Brisbane specializes in the construction of extensions for the classical colonial type home that enhances the home and adds value to your most important asset. A Home Extensions Builder renovation will always look a part of your home, not add on that looks like it's been stuck on to the side of your home. Working predominately Brisbane there are plenty of examples within these areas that we would be more than happy to forward to you upon request of your home extension quotation. On time and on budget, we are very productive and by buying materials in bulk keep us competitive, passing on these savings to you the client. Our goal is to refresh the old in as sustainable a manner as possible, retaining the existing character and charm but at the same time, doing what we can to improve safety, comfort and energy efficiency through passive solar design, the addition of active systems and the use of recycled or new eco / green products wherever possible. We are specialists in providing reasonable solutions with home renovations. We can assist you to define the family dynamics that will drive the way you intend to live and play now and in the future.

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