Career Research Paper

UfC Fighter
Lee Penaflor Jr

                                                            Professional Requirements

You need good communication skills because you get interviewed a lot after the fights. You also need got teamwork because you have a training camp and you need to help them prepare for their fight and they will help you prepare for yours. You can't lie about using steriods because you aren't allowed to use performance enhancing drugs and that is why you need honesty for this job.

                                                           Educational Requirements

All you basically need for this job is a high school diploma.

     I choose the University Of Oregon because communications is one of the top three majors. They also have good athletic teams so that will help me stay in shape for my fights. One of my favorite training gyms in in Portland to and it's called Team Quest and it's a pretty big gym. It's only about 2 hours away from the college.


     My favorite quote is said by Muhammad Ali and it is "impossible is nothing". This is a good quote because in the UFC nothing is impossible because anyone can end a fight with just one hit or submission.

                                                            Role Model

     My role model is Nick Diaz because he is one of my favorite fighters and I have the same fighting style as him. The reason I have the same style is because he is the one who introduced me to the sport and I wanted to do what he was doing. He came from Stockton which is the second city in California that leads with murders and home repossessions.  He was able to get through all of that as a kid and make a name for himself. I came from Rock Island which has a lot of gang violence so it gave me a reason to try to make a name for myself.

     He made it to the UFC but he isn't fighting in it anymore but when he did everyone would have a problem with him. He doesn't fight for the fans or for fun. He does it to survive and with each fight he gets better. He has a younger brother that looks just like him and does the same thing as Nick and now Nate is the one who is moving up in the UFC. Nick tries to get under your skin then he is the aggressor in the fight and when I fight I tend to be the aggressor.


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