"The woman in the snow"
Inference Chart

I think the story is going to be about a women and her child.

"That's when his headlights picked up the figure of a woman running in the snow, without a hot, gloves, or boots. Although she'd pulled a shawl over the lightweight jacket and flimsy dress she wearing..." (250) This make me feel like she need help with something  because she's running with no hats and stuff. I predict that he's going to see her again when he drives pass the place.

"As he drifted into the final darkness, he heard a woman's sob, a baby wailing- or is it just the wing?" (262) I think the woman tries to come back and haunt him because he won't help her last time and then she die because it was cold. I predict that they are going to find out what happen to the woman and the baby.

"Twenty-five years later, Ray Hammond, a war hero with two years of college, became the first black driver Metro hired."(263) I think that if he's the first black driver hired man and he's a war hero he would be brave and take risks. Maybe he might help the woman and the child or stop them.

"Ray sighed deeply. "The book rules said no money, no ride. But the book doesn't say a words about personal loan." He took a handful of change out of his pocket, fished around for a dime, and drop it into the pay box" (265) I think he is nicer than the other driver because he help the woman. He is also brave because he let the woman into the bus and drove her to the hospital.

"He thought he saw Eula Mae Daniels smile as she vanished into the swirling snow, never to be seen again."(264) I think she smile because she's happy that Ray Hammond helped her and willing to pay for her even if she doesn't have money to.

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2 years ago

Good work, Yeng. Now add more quotes and inferences as we read the last part of the story.