Japan Journal 2

Rules of the Shogun

1) Samurai must serve as a police force and protect cities in times of peace. This rule keeps the town under control in case of riots.

2) Women must make sure their children are obedient and punish them if they are not. this rule trains kids to become responsible citizens so they will not lead rebellions when they grow up.

3) Peasants must work the land for at least 12 hours a day.This keeps the peasants busy and exhausted so they cannot rebel.

4) Artisans must produce an amount of goods equivalent to 10 bags worth of rice a week. This keeps the Artisans busy so they cannot rebel.

5) Merchants cannot interact excessively with the artisans that sell them goods, you are nothing more than business partners. this rule keeps people from different classes from uniting.

6) Outcasts may not  meet in groups of more than 4. This rule keeps the loners of society from forming a large group capable of leading a rebellion.

7) Merchants have to sell any goods they buy within a week. This keeps merchants from gaining too much wealth at one time, and becoming to powerful.

8) Samurai may not let any other person in society- even another Samurai- hold their sword. This keeps someone the shogun don't trust from getting a weapon.

9) If someone does steal a Samurai's sword they must steal it back using a wooden sword . This makes samurai's pay for their mistakes and make sure they don't let someone who could start a riot from getting a proper weapon.

10) Peasant's must wear all black on a hot, sunny day if they steal. This tells the peasants "Don't steal." and keeps the food going where it should, the Shogun.











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