Jewish Festivals

By: Aidan Orlando

Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year Festival held on the first day of September. This holiday represents the creations of Adam and Eve. During this holiday, people blow the shofar the signify the holiday. The shofar is very important in Rosh Hashanah. These are three different sounds it makes-

1. Tekiah (1 long sound)

2. Shevarim (3 broken sounds)

3. Teruah (9 short sound)

Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur begins at sundown on September 13 and lasts until sundown on September. Yom Kippur is one of the most serious Jewish holidays. Yom Kippur requires a fast for 25 hours. It is a custom to wear white on Yom Kippur. Some people wear kittel, a white robe in which dead people are buried in. When candles are lit, a prayer is recited.


Passover is the oldest continuously celebrated Jewish festival. Jewish people eat matzos, which is a flat, unleavened bread made of flour and water during Passover. Passover celebrates the freedom of the Jews from Egypt. Passover last for seven or eight days. The first two and last two days of Passover are "Full Festival" days.


Hanukkah starts on Wednesday, November 27 and ends on Thursday, December 5. It is also called The Festival of Lights and is an eight day holiday. In Hebrew, Hanukkah means "dedication". Hanukkah is one of the less important holiday. This holiday is celebrated with the lighting of the menorah, traditional foods, games and gifts.

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