Theresa Perez

Photography Portfolio

Cuddling Leafs

I took this photo outside a hotel in New Jersey. I love the way the leafs are turning in towards each other because of the winter weather.


This photo was taken at the Twin Towers Memorial in New York. The detail of the little beads of water that flow off of the wall , really bring me to like this photo.

Endless Sky

This was shoot on a plane ride coming from Newark to Dallas. I like the way the world seems to continue on forever


This photo was taken in Hewitt Park a couple months ago. The model used is my cousin, Nicholas Marquez. The contrast between his black hair and the bright flowers are complimenting.


I took this photo for a portrait project. The model is Bryce Good. I love the way the depth of field, and the sunlight bouncing off the flowers and giving the purple a nice pop.

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