Nigeria Elections 2015

PDP Pays Protestors against BuhariThe Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, UK, was clustered with a crowd of acclaimed protestors who were fighting against Buhari-led government. The protestors claimed to be Nigerian Diaspora living in the boundaries of the United Kingdom. The ACP-PDP opposition seems to be reaching new heights as the protestors have been proven to be paid to protest.They cried in unison against Major-General of the Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari, in front of the Chatham House. Mr. Buhari is supported by Folorunsho Coker as a Special Advisor. The placards held by the protestors called Mr. Buhari as someone belonging to the past. Another placard read, “A dictator hiding behind another pastor can’t be a democrat”. But contrary to their placards and their battle cries was their knowledge of what they were fighting against.On being questioned, they could hardly answer a single query regarding their motives of protest. Most of them out rightly refused to be interviewed by the journalist. And those who were asked for the reason of them being there spoke no less blankly. Their protest became meaningless as soon as they were rendered devoid of any insight into the political situation of Nigeria.The cluelessness of the protestors was explicitly speaking about their lack of motivation with regard to the political reasons. It seems to be, in an obvious way, a paid protest funded by the PDP. The protestors were, perhaps, poor people in need of money. The PDP bought this need and paid money while it served its political interests. It is a very disappointing revelation to the people of Nigeria as it exposes both-a vulnerable poverty and a self-motivated politics.

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