Concrete poetry is the word as image. It evolves from writing, but it is more like painting, audio or cinema. If the history of humanity can be divided into two great eras: before writing and after the invention of writing, then concrete poetry is at the dawn of a new age or maybe somewhere in between. Before writing human communities practised an oral tradition. With writing communities created the law, history and literature.

The Power of Imagination

by Matthew Anish

The land has much to teach us Middle Earth is a place Where evil has been defeated The warm hearths of the Shire The bravery of Gondor's men The marvelous craftmanship of the dwarves and the gorgeous singing of the Elves on a summer night and the magnificent steeds of Rohan leaves us with a feeling that we have visited a better world than our own The worlds of imagination can seem more than our own lands Come, friends join us We are taking a trip to Middle Earth and will be there all evening