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science has discovered many Interesting thing that are on this earth.Not all of it we know more about space than the ocean.What we do know though is the human body which can be interesting.

Here's a fun fact did you know bone is 5 times stronger than steel? Yet they are still surprisingly light compared to steel.Though the skull is very strong mainly due to the sensitive organs it has to protect.

Here are 25 interesting facts about the human body.Their is a pretty good chance you did not know these,so I recommend watching this.

surprising as it sound did you know an infants body has more bones than a adult human body.Most likely because as you grow some of your bones fuse together ending up in 206 bones.  

Here's a fact I'm sure you did not know,Like our skin the human body's bones are also constantly worn down and remade. To the point where every 7 years we essentially have a new bone.Also that our femur bone is the largest bone in our body,and the smallest bone we have is located in middle ear is the stirrup bone.

Did you know that the axial skeleton part of the human skeleton has 80 bones? It includes the vertebral column, the rib cage and the skull and helps us keep our upright posture, by spreading the weight in the head, and upper areas down to the lower areas near the hips.So it would not be good if we bone one of those bones.

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