Brandon Prieto

Born in Manhattan,New York October 2, 1996

*October 2nd 1996-The day I was born.It takes a baby 9 months before its considered to be ready for birth.I ended being premature due to my mom having high blood pressure at the time.So im exactly 8 months.Not to far off.

*Approximately 2 years later on January 29th,1998 my brother was born.About the time I was 4-5 the family and I moved to Roselle, New Jersey.At the time my mom thought living in New York was going to be a bad environment for my brother and I. (P.S at 13 turning on 14 I move to Delaware).

*At the age of 12 I had 2 extra brothers in the family.In total we are 4 brothers.(Myself,Deniro,Onassis,Camilo).I believed that since im the older brother I had to learn how to fight in order to protect them.So I formed a group with a group of friends who trained and fought each other.We were classified street fighters.

*At 13 my Uncle ended up dying from cancer.He was a great man.Always worried for others and protected the family.This event made a little naive 13 year old boy realize how life is short.So try to make the best of it.So thats when my determination to make something out of myself started.

*September 19,2012. I've asked a beautiful,young individual out.Her name is Denise Ruiz.Due to this relationship,she has transformed a womanizer to settled down boyfriend.This has been my longest relationship. Ive barely lasted 2 weeks until now.We made a year. Woohoo!

*Late night one summer.I was 15 at the time.My dad had a long talk with my brother,my friends and I.He was discussing about how things work in the world and providing us wisdom.He showed me a interview between Jay-z and Warren Buffett.After watching this interview I already chosen my new pathway.I wanted to become a Businessman.

Denise and I<3

June 13,2013-Business meet in Philly.

Warren Buffett and Jay-z interview

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