Mexico: War Against Narcotraffic Groups

By: Monica Sabatelli

Malkin, Elisabeth. "Mexican Police Capture Leader of Juárez Cartel." The New York Times. The New York Times, 19 Apr. 2015. Web. 03 May 2015.

This article is about a man named Jesus Salas, in charge of gang Juarez Cartel, was arrested by the Mexican police. He was a drug trafficker along the Texas border. They arrested him along with another drug cartel leader. The arrest set off Street fighting. Now that they have caught one of the main drug cartel leaders this has changed group alliances between trafficking groups. Even though they have caught one of the main leaders it does not change the reality and still prevalent amount of drug trafficking.Violence has decreased in Mexico but new games have emerged and become dangerous. Jesus is on the DEA most wanted list he has killed many innocent people in El Paso and been involved in several violent acts because of the drug trafficking business.

1. Jesus Salas and the Mexican police.

2. Jesus specifically was trafficking from Mexico to Texas, but yes, the United States.

3. They have arrested him and another man involved in a Cartel.

4. The cause of conflict is drug Trafficking

5. They have arrested those who are involved. There has been some violence from cartel members. Not much has been said about nonviolent acts.

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