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Lately I have become even more enticed by the lures of the internet. I'm working towards developing a method to seek more information faster. When doing so I beg the question, how in the world can I find what I don't know exists? Well, one solution has been to follow a lovely site called Stumbled Upon which allows you to define your interests. Once you've determined which types of sites you'd like to see your account will be filled with limitless sites to "Stumble Upon". Over the past few months I have uncovered many unbeknownst gems. This site also allows you to be current on education news without subscribing to hundreds of RSS feeds. If you feel the urge to share you can send articles through various social media outlets with ease.

Another site for inquisitive life-long learners.

In the Daily Planet Tracy mentioned the The Teaching Channel which houses brief 2 minute videos that demonstrate for teachers various ways to engage and connect with students. I particularly like the Q&A section where any person logged into the site can ask a question by subject area that will presumably be answered by another account holding educator.

This post is brought to you by a site called Tackk. It has been one of my most recent obsessions due to its unique ability to create professional and visually appealing post through ready made templates and palettes. You can choose to create a newsletter, assignment, event post, blog post, or pretty much anything you can imagine. Within your created content you can add buttons, forms, video, audio, text, photos, and much more. It's free to create an account and share content or embed your creation on another website. I use it to write directions for students on a whim or to insert a video or photo for an anticipatory set. Add tags and other Tackk users may find your post helpful. If you like Tackk, check out Smore. It's just as useful!

I hope I shared some new sites with you. Please comment below if you have any to share of if you check out the sites posted above.

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