12/20/11. There was something that happened that day that was unforgettable and would leave me speechless. It was raining outside with the sky fully gray and dark. I was sitting in Comm. Arts class looking out the window that was located to the left of where I sat. My class was waiting to go to the Winter assembly before school released us for winter break. My great Aunt has been in and out of the hospital and now she is in I.C.U.

We just started the movie ‘Elf’ in class, I still was looking out the window thinking about break and how I would spend it. My friends Hailey and Taylor sat next to me, there were three guys behind us. We just reached the middle of the movie and my phone buzzed in my pocket. I brushed it off thinking it wasn’t important and knowing my teacher hates when students have their phones out. Then it goes off again but this time I looked. It was my sister, Jennie Jo, she typed,

“ Aunt Karen is really bad now, do you want mom and I to pick you up so we can go to the hospital?”

At first I think its just another time when we visit her and check up. I reply

“No, the movies almost over and the assembly won’t last long. I’ll be home in a couple hours.”

We were finishing the movie and I start to realize I should go for support. I reply instantly for her to come get me.

Time didn’t go by too fast when the front desk runner walked into the room to hand my teacher the note releasing me from school. My teacher hands me the note, my stuff is already packed and I start to walk out the door. My class wasn’t to far from the front of the school, I didnt have that far to walk. The instant I saw my sister and mom waiting for me I thought I should stay and told them if it gets serious to come get me cause I didn’t want to miss the assembly.

They had left and I started walking back to class. I walked in, the whole class looked at me with confusion on their faces. The only thing I could get out of my mouth was “ False alarm, didn’t have to go. “

I looked like an idiot standing there thinking to myself about how I just walked out and in with barely an explanation. It took me about 2 minutes to remember how many times she has been there for my family and I knew should be there with everyone and her.

I hurried to my desk to get my phone out and text my sister real quick before they got too far. Luckily they hadn’t gotten on the highway and turned around to pick me up. I was still sitting at my desk thinking to myself how selfish I was being. My Aunt Karen was always there for my family and I. Every Holiday she was there even when her health wasn’t the best, she persevered and had faith in herself. Right then I started to cry, my two friends asked “What’s the matter?” Not wanting to explain everything that has happened I shorten it to,

“ My Great Aunt is in the hospital and I need to go see her before its too late. “ They understand but the three guys behind us don’t. I was completely red at the face with embarrassment.

When the runner came in the second time I already had my backpack on and started walking out the door. I turned the corner for the second time and the second I saw my mom and she saw me crying she started breaking out in tears too. The eye contact made us both realize we knew what was happening and that today was the day.

We arrived at the hospital a couple minutes before noon. Walked in and went straight to her room. Walking in the I.C.U makes you take in everything thats happening around you, knowing there are people in here who might be taking their last breath or enjoying their last look outside the window they will ever have. Outside each door in the I.C.U. theres 3 colors on top at the entrance to the room. Red, yellow, and green. I never knew what they meant but had a good assumption.

Walking into her room was scary, everyone of our family was there and that means something because we are a distant family who don’t live close to each other at all. Everyone was next to the bed, we walked in and my grandma whispered to us that she can’t talk but can hear us. Then the Doctor walked in looking at the ground for a little with the nurse by his side. Her face showed she had sad news to tell us and that she has told it plenty of times and hates the outcome.

“ We are going to have to take her off Life Support.” the Doctor whispered to my Grandma “ I’m very sorry.”

My grandma just stood there, half in surprise and half in reality. I feel she knew it was going to happen soon enough, thats why everyone has been coming to see Aunt Karen.

Right when my mom whispered it to me I looked down because I didn’t want to see it happen. I didn’t want to concept it was really happening. I didn’t want today to be the day.

* * * *

After Winter Break I came back to school and everyone had already knew wh

y I was crying that day. In Comm. Arts everyone was distant for a couple days. Everyone was coming up to me and saying ‘ I’m sorry for your lost.’ or ‘ Is everything okay?’ I knew they were doing it because they cared, but after awhile I started saying back ‘losing someone important in your life doesn’t mean they’re gone forever, just for awhile.’ My Aunt Karen was in a better place and celebrated Christmas with her parents this year.

“One death just leaves room for one more life in the family.”

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