Welcome to Ancient Egypt!

come on in to the time machine that takes you back to Ancient Egypt. There are lots of thing that u can do here in Ancient Egypt. Like for example go see the pyramids or you can take a picture with a mummy. You will see lots of cool and exciting things here in Ancient Egypt. Also u can swim in the Nile river. Contact Jason Dellapia for more information phone number is 856-37455555

Com on In

386,700 miles of fun and activiti THE NILE RIVER IS 40000

Come on down to Egypt so you can see all of these amazing animals like Hippos crockodiles giraffes and many more. Come swim with the crocks they dont bite.Or you can even ride an Ostrich. O you can even come to Egypt to get married. You also can come to visit our zoos. Or you can come take a relaxing boat ride.

this hotel room is only 100$

Come eat at the camel back diner. we got all foods like corn potatoes pizza we got foods from Italian to China and if you would like you could try foods that the Egyptians ate people should pack clothes hats lotion food water.


Temple is full with cool stuff to entertain your kids

You can come on in to the temple for games and fun like dance with mummies take pictures and walk around to see some amazing things.You can even make mummy cookies inside the temple. And you can mummify a mummy.

mummify a mummy

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