By: Sam Spagnoli

Curley walked into the barn and looked around for a moment until he found Crooks in the back tending to a horse. He strode over to him, puffing out his chest as he went, "Crooks, I want you to drop whatever your doin' and saddle the best horse up and bring it by the house, and you better make it quick," said Curley. "Sure, I could saddle one up Mr. Curley, but I have ta finish shoeing this here horse first or the boss gonna be mighty mad," replied Crooks, "Besides, what do you need a horse for so bad?" Curley got in close to Crooks and shoved his finger in his chest, "Don't you mind what I need no horse for, lest you get a whuppin' for not mindin your own business. I want that horse by the house before the boys get back from the fields," said Curley complacently

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