Chapter 1 Project: On The Move

T. Ausby


What type of transportation do you use to get to school?

17 people said they get to school by car, 3 people said they get to school by bus, & 4 people said that they get to school by both bus and car. Majority of the population gets to school by personal car.

How many days out of the week do you travel to school through this transportation?

20 people said that they get to school by their transportation, 5 days a week. That means 100% of the population goes toschoolMonday through Friday, 5 times a week through their transportation.

Problems customers faced: A problem that a few of my customers faced was that a car and bus sometimes is not reliant enough, and is not fast enough to get you to school on time.


The choice of transportation to get you to school, is by a helicopter. Which would you rather the helicopter do for you, get you to school on time, or save you gas money?

5 people said that they rather have the helicopter get them to school on time, while 15 people said that they would rather the helicopter save them gas money, and 3 people said that they would like the helicopter to both save them gas money and get them to school on time.

How much would you be willing to pay, in order to get on this helicopter and go to school? $5 a day, or $300 per school year?

7 people said that they would rather spend $5 a day to go to school on the helicopter, and 13 people said that they would rather pay $300 per school year to get to school by helicopter.

Conclusion: My customers are now happywith the new choice of transportation because not only is it more reliant, but it is also more time-efficient in getting students to school in a timely manner.

Extending the Project

Some survey techniques used by market researchers:

1. Conducting surveys- By doing questionnaires, researchers can analyze a sample group that represents their target

2. Demonstrating focus groups- Holding focus groups where questions or topics can lead to a discussion among a group of people, is one survey technique researches really take advantage of

3. Having personal interviews- Similar tofocus groups, personal interviews are discussions where open-ended questions are asked to a(n) individual(s)

4. Observation- Researchers really benefit from watching and examining their customers actions

5. Performing field trials- By testing out a product first to a select number of individuals before it is massly produced, gives researchers a good prediction of how the product will do

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